Bitcoin, generally, is a great idea. Keeping wallets on smartphones is the worst idea of the decade.

John McAfee

What Warren Buffett Can’t Tell You About Buying the First Cryptocurrency Coins

Buying your first cryptocurrency is straightforward, when you look back on it. However, buying digital currency can seem daunting before you actually do it. Let’s break down the process, and if you follow these steps, you’ll have your first bitcoin or altcoin (or token) in no time at all. Whether you buy bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, or any other altcoin, the process is pretty much the same for any asset purchased through a cryptocurrency exchange.

Announcing LUKRUM v1.0.17: UI/UX Updates, Portfolio Historical Allocation & Much More

At LUKRUM, we’re constantly working to put the best cryptocurrency tracker into your hands, and our ✅LUKRUM V1.0.17 update continues this commitment. We’ve brought in more of the coin tracking power you need by adding muscle to our already insightful analytics suite, and have made it easier to share your digital assets experience with others. We’ve also taken care of a few bugs that will help speed up your crypto and blockchain assets investing sessions.

Who are the Cryptocurrency Whales & How Do They Affect the Coin Market?

In the world of bitcoin, there are institutional investors and there are whales. Institutional investors, such as Goldman Sachs, are significant crypto investors from traditional markets, but whales have been here since the beginning of digital currencies - especially in bitcoin. But who are they? The whale metaphor holds well , as  these are the largest ‘hodlers’ (holders, in bitcoin-speak) of BTC, and most of them make waves from time to time.